Single Boosters, Starters & Display Boxes

Babylon 5 Card And Price Lists

We do TRADE for most rare cards inquire for specific details. Please do not send unsolicited cards for trade.
Number NamePacket PriceBox Price
15566Premiere Booster$4.25$90.00
15507Premiere Starter DisplayN.A.$193.00
15507-1Premiere Starter – Earth$20.95N.A.
15507-2Premiere Starter – Centuari$17.95N.A.
15507-3Premiere Starter – Minbari$17.95N.A.
15507-4Premiere Starter – Narn$17.95N.A.
38279Shadows Booster$5.75$93.00
36619Deluxe Booster$4.25$85.00
35146Great War Starter DisplayN.A.$80.00
35146-1Great War – Non-Aligned$20.95N.A.
35146-2Great War – Opposing Faction$9.95N.A.
35267Great War Booster$5.50$99.00
20849Severed Dreams Booster$3.95$85.00
43159Psi Corps Starter DisplayN.A.$107.00
43159-1Psi Corps Starter$19.95N.A.
43160Psi Corps Booster$5.50$112.00
27836Wheel of Fire Booster$5.95$142.80
43144Crusade Booster$5.95$142.80
43354Babylon 5 Playing Cards – Space Deck$74.95N.A.
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