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Local Comics Creator Day on Sunday November 20th, 2022 (Currently confirmed: Antoinette Rydyr, Pete Corey, Steve Carter, John Lawry, Peter Lane,  Eli Abidin, Manuel Bouw, Danny Nolan, Ben Hutchings, Pete (!) and more!)

Currently confirmed are:


John was born in Wodonga Australia, and studied Art at the National Gallery School (VCA) and Victoria College (Deakin University). He has had many successful solo and group exhibitions, and has led study groups on tours in France, Italy and Spain. John runs painting classes at his studio in Malvern. In addition to his Fine Art painting, he paints murals and trompe l’oeil work for clients throughout Australia and Asia

John has been producing co0mic books from the 1970’s onwards. He started the current books series of books in the 2010’s and created the publishing company “Legion Comics” in 2015 He has produced a number of books, many of the books feature the main character Shine of the Moon.


SCAR Portraits – Antoinette Rydyr

Antoinette Rydyr is an artist and writer working in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy and horror usually bent into a surrealist and satirical angle. She works with fellow creator, Steve Carter and together they are known as SCAR. They have produced comics and cartoons, graphic novels, award-winning screenplays, prose fiction and novels.

Antoinette’s art and fiction has appeared on Grim Deeds album covers and in various Printed in Blood artbook projects including “The Thing ArtBook”, “Stranger Things ArtBook”, “Ghostbusters ArtBook” and “Firefly Artbook”.

Her surrealist and bizarre stories have been published in “Surreal Grotesque”, “Antipodean SF 250 – 21 Years of Spec-Fic Downside-Up”, “Surreal Worlds” and “More Bizarro Than Bizarro” anthologies by Bizarro Pulp Press USA, and the “Spawn Anthology” published by IFWG Publishing. In 2018 their debut steampunk western novel, “WEIRD WILD WEST” Parts 1 & 2 was published by Bizarro Pulp Press, USA and “WEIRD WILD WEST” Part 3 was published in 2019.

As the creative team SCAR they have also written screenplays including “CURSE OF THE SWAMPIES”, a psychosexual horror science fiction film which won “Best Feature Film Screenplay” at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2010, and “LEFT TURN”, a crime thriller which was a Finalist at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival, 2012.

Antoinette has published comics and graphic novels, including the science-fiction fantasy anthology called “FANTASTIQUE”, the dystopian future series “NEW WORLD DISORDER” and the out-of-this-world comic anthology “WEIRD WORLDS – SUBVERSIVE SCIENCE FICTION STORIES”.

Her puzzling picture book “MISTER IDEALIZE LEAVES THE BUILDING” is being published by Shooting Star Press. View more of her surreal delights at


SCAR Portraits – Steve Carter

The strange and bizarre works of Steve Carter incorporates anything from sci-fi and horror fantasy to surrealism and weird satire. All of it has a strong element of the fantastic and a healthy dose of experimentalism. He works with fellow creator, Antoinette Rydyr and together formed the creative team SCAR. He has produced graphic novels, illustrations, screenplays and esoteric electronic music with his band TeknoSadist, which can be sampled on Bandcamp.

Prior to teaming up, Steve created and published “CHARNEL HOUSE”, a horror science-fiction anthology comic and was instrumental in creating Australia’s first newsstand available and most controversial horror comic, “PHANTASTIQUE”, which was banned in several states of Australia. In 2017 this infamous comic book was resurrected as “PHANTASTIQUE – TALES OF TABOO TERROR”, ingloriously presented in graphic novel form and in full bloody colour!

Some of SCAR’s dark and horrific material was published by Eros/Fantagraphics in the 1990s including the science fantasy “FEMOSAUR WORLD”, the horrific “SPORE WHORES” series and the psychosexual “KILL OF THE SPYDERWOMAN”. Although it represents only one aspect of their work, SCAR have a reputation for the extreme and are no strangers to the issues of censorship. All three issues of their horror comic book series “SPORE WHORES” were banned in Australia. And now, 20 years later they have been re-released by Bloody Gore Comix in Canada. And the long awaited “FEMOSAUR WORLD #2” was published in 2017 by Pikitia Press.

Steve’s prodigious output has been collected in comic series including “BESTIARY OF MONSTRUUM” – a collection of fantastic beasts and strange monsters, “FEMONSTERS” – a collection of fantastical fem fatales, which won the Golden Stapler Award for Best Collaborative Zine 2011, and the jungle adventure “SAVAGE BITCH” which collects the entire comic series which was originally published nationally in Picture Magazine.

Recently, Steve’s pulp apocalyptic world of monstrous mutations and mythological hybrid beasts were collected for “MUNDO MONSTRUOSO” and published in Spain. Although his work polarises viewers his art cannot be ignored and introduces readers to other worlds of possibilities. Experience it at


Pete Correy is a creator of comics and music, usually with a humour twist and tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Having written and drawn his own comics since 1992 he has had strips published in COUSIN I.T. and RECOVERY MAGAZINES, as well as several appearances in the Wellington comics anthology BRISTLE”.

He has published his six-volume comedy drama graphic novel series “AIRBURY ACADEMY”, a hilarious account of life at an exclusive girls’ boarding school, is available from online booksellers.

Following this is “THE SNARLEY”, a satirical graphic novel about the lives of three reporters working in the dwindling print media industry.

Pete has produced book layouts, colouring work, and co-writing one-pagers and the odd zine or two, (odd being the operative word) and provided graphic design work on “WEIRD WORLDS”, “PHANTASTIQUE”, “MISTER IDEALIZE” and the soon to be released “ALIEN EDEN”.

He was last seen waiting for a bus in Cricklewood. Check out his ruminations at


These are collaborations of the above creators.

TECHNICALLY SOUND – Daniel Belic – Eli Abidin
Danny Nolan is a writer from Melbourne who has contributed to such Anthologies as The GAME of KINGS project and ALL THE KING’S MEN and has written stories for Australian Publishers such as DARK OZ in titles such as DECAY, RETRO SCI-FI, Queensland’s comic/fanzine PHATSVILLE , Canberra’s DEEPER MEANING PRESS Anthologiesand REVERIE PRESS where he has contributed stories to the Reverie Anthologies and the Ric McClune series. As well as International Publications FUTUREQUAKE and Platform Comics. He also writes articles like this for his local newspaper. Danny also operates SHIDOT Productions a small Multimedia Imprint that has operated since the early 1980s. It’s first publication was WOMBAT COMICZ in 1984. It since has periodically published music but returned to print in the early 2000s


Ben is a full time graphic novelists and zine maker. His latest projects include Mini Mel and Timid Tom and an epic war/science/dysentry comic “The Invisible War. Ben is the new artist for the Avanti! Ben is also the director of Melbourne’s Squishface Studio, Australia’s open comic artists studio.



Local Comics Creator Day joins with Free Comic Book Day on May 7th, 2022 (Currently confirmed: Antoinette Rydyr, Pete Corey, Steve Carter, John Lawry, Gary Dellar, Rob Lisle, Shaun Keenan, Peter Lane, Hayden Spurrell and more!)


REVERIE PUBLICATIONS – Gary Dellar (confirmed) with others TBA

Gary is bringing a large range of publications highlighting numerous creators (artists and writers), with some surprise guests to appear!



Alan Rose is a cartoonist with over 40 years publishing experience. 


His professional work has included freelance editorial cartoons and caricature for such publications as Golf Digest, Inside Golf, Australasian Basketballer and assorted newspapers. 


He has also regularly produced comic strips including “Sludge, The World’s Worst Band” for Rhythms Magazine and “The Hacks” for Australasian Basketballer.


His present self produced cartoon strip “The Fabulous Bush Pigs” has been published in regional newspapers around the country for 6 years. It is about a band of bush pigs playing country music in the outback. There are 4 books that are collections of these strips. Book 4 only came out last year. Called “MMFFTTMM”, it contains a series of pandemic and mask wearing gags.


Also Al’s first full comic came out last year as well. It contains 3 Fab Bushies stories, and the introduction and first story of – Web Boy, The Superhero of the Technological Age!


For more archived strips and information on books, comics and other merchandise go to:





Photographs from previous Local Comic Creator Days – 

Saturday November 20th, 2021 @ 11.00 am – 4.00 pm


Attendees from left to right: Alan Rose, John Lawry, Gary Dellar, Angie Spice, Joseph Italiano, Antoinette Rydyr, Steve Carter and Pete Correy. (More pictures below)

We love to support Aussie creators. Despite the short notice, we have already confirmed the following attending creators. Come and support local, buy their wares and interact with the creators. Alternate Worlds will have a range of vintage Australian comics on display and available. This event will be held in-store.


Photographs from ACBD 2021 event follow below.


 Alan Rose with Minion food chating to Mary Italiano with Gary Dellar approval inbetween. (Scar studios in the background)

Scar Studios; Pete Correy, Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr. (Close up below). 


 Angie Spice and John Lawry.

Alan Rose. 

 Joseph Italiano with some of our Australian comics.


Attendees from left to right – Back row: John Lawry, Gary Dellar, Angie Spice, Joseph Italiano, Antoinette Rydyr and Steve Carter.

 Attendees from left to right – Front row: Alan Rose and Pete Correy.


We held a similar event in April (Local Comic Creator Day) this year in Warehouse #12. Pictures from that event follow below.



 Potential Guests (TBC)

 OZCOMICS – Darren Close (Ozone Studios)

FACADE  – Peter Lane


FOUR COLOUR RAY GUN – Mitchell Collins



COMICS 2 MOVIES – Shaun Keenan.P