Cardfight! Vanguard Card and Price Lists

When ordering, please state the ID number of the card. 

If a card appears in more than one edition and we do not get an ID number,

you may receive another edition of the card. Stock levels on rarer cards vary,

please inquire before ordering.

B1: Descent of the King of KnightsB1.5 Comic StyleB2: Onslaught of the Dragon Souls
B2.5: Banquet of DivasB3: Demonic Lord InvasionB3.5 Calvary of Black Steel
B4: Eclipse of Illusionary ShadowsB4.5: Infinite Pahntom LegionB5: Awakening of Twin Blades
B5.5 Celestials ValkyriesB6: Breaker of LimitsB6.5 Dazzling Divas
B7: Rampage of the Beast King
B8: Blue Storm ArmadaB9: Clash of the Knight & Dragons
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