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Number #ProductRRPOur Price
18176100Spycraft: Operation Nightfall (Base set) Starter Box (10)$239.50$195.00
18176101Spycraft: Operation Nightfall Starter – Banshee Net$23.95$20.00
18176102Spycraft: Operation Nightfall Starter – Bloodvine Syd.$23.95$20.00
18176103Spycraft: Operation Nightfall Starter – The Krypt$23.95$20.00
18176104Spycraft: Operation Nightfall Starter – Nine Tiger Dys.$23.95$20.00
18176105Spycraft: Operation Nightfall Starter – Shadow Patriots$23.95$20.00
181811001Spycraft: Operation Nightfall (Base set) Booster (pack)$6.95$5.95
1818136Spycraft: Operation Nightfall (Base set) Booster Box$285.60$195.00
 18741Spycraft ccg Colour padded 60mm 3 ring Binder$26.95$24.95
36092Spycraft ccg: Shadow Academy (Learn to Play Bx Set)$54.95$49.95
18176100Spycraft ccg: Extinction Agenda Starter Display Box (8)$191.60$150.00
18176201Spycraft ccg: Extinction Agenda Starter Bloodine$23.95$20.00
18176202Spycraft ccg: Extinction Agenda Starter Shadow Patriots$23.95$20.00
18176203Spycraft ccg: Extinction Agenda Starter The Franchise$23.95$20.00
181812001Spycraft ccg: Extinction Agenda Booster (pack)$5.95   $5.50
1818148Spycraft ccg: Extinction Agenda Booster Display Box$285.60$195.00
181763001Spycraft ccg: Day of the Bullet Starter Display (8)$191.60$150.00
18176301Spycraft ccg: Day of the Bullet Starter Banshee Net$23.95$20.00
18176302Spycraft ccg: Day of the Bullet Starter Shadow Patriots$23.95$20.00
18176303Spycraft ccg: Day of the Bullet Starter The Krypt$23.95$20.00
18181304Spycraft ccg: Day of the Bullet Starter The Franchise$23.95$20.00
181813001Spycraft ccg: Day of the Bullet Booster (pack)$5.95   $5.50
1818148Spycraft ccg: Day of the Bullet Booster Display Box (8)$285.60$195.00
  181814001Spycraft ccg: Murder Lottery Booster (pack)$5.95   $5.50
  1818148Spycraft ccg: Murder Lottery Booster Display Box (48)$285.60$195.00
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