Yu-Gi-Oh! League 2019-2020

League Standings as of 02/02/2020

1Goodwin, Kyle52
2Holt, Tim46
3Kidd, Jarryd44
4Hendy, Adam38
5Hendy, Troy35
6Peters, Angus33
7Alphonzo, Dimitri24
8Brombley, Will22
9Davidson, Scott19
10Jackson, Travis19
11Lui, Ben18
12Nightingale, Rory18
13Ryan, Ethan17
14Achten, Mitch15
15Aiezza, Joseph14
16Richmond, Robbie14
17Corbet-Oneil, Atom11
18Stavropoulos, Michael10
19De Coite, Finlay8
20Lui, Tim7
21Bell, Ricky6
22Graham, Ollie6
23Wied, Brendan6
24Corrone, Dom5
25Siegersma, Caleb5
26Stavar, Hayden5
27Hendy, Brett4
28Elliot, David3
29Newman, James3
30Purcel, Vite3
31Beesley, Caleb2
32Carrington, Tim2
33Couzens, Paul2
34McMurray, Mason2
35Morrow, Luke2
36Rice, Jason2
37Aiezza, Cameron1
38Bayukcinar, Erol1
39Bourke, Mitchell1
40Castricum, Zachary1
41Dawes, Cole1
42Feldtmann, Daniel1
43Gibcus, Daniel1
44Gotuald, Martin1
45Grigg, Christopher1
46Hall-Smith, Caleb1
47Jones, Luke1
48Muller-Davies, Keenan1
49Nguyen, David1
50Pagarliotas, Dimitri1
51Rainczuk, Michael1
52Rayner, Michael1
53Rooney, Dylan1
54Sayers, Mitchell1
55Thomson, Albert1
56Weir, Destyn1


Players tied on points will be listed alphabetically.


Winner gets a box of boosters, entry paid for the Nationals and lunch at the Nationals.

Second place gets entry paid for the Nationals and lunch at the Nationals.


The Yu-Gi-Oh League runs for a year ending in June just before the Nationals. We will sponsor the top 2 ranked players as Alternate Worlds representatives for the Nationals. This means we will pay for their entry fee and lunch, (with our TO if held in Victoria). In addition, top place will also get a booster box.


The way the League operates is fairly simple. It is open to all players.


For each event (any type) held at Alternate Worlds, players will score points. The amount of points depends of the event itself, as follows:


Regular tournaments                        1 point

League tournament (monthly)            6 pts for a win, 5 pts for second, 4 pts for third, 3 pts for fourth and 2 pts for all other participants. League points also apply to all Sneak Peaks and Sealed Deck events.


Bonus points (Loyality Awards):

YGO purchase of $60 plus *             1 point (Only available once per day, not cumulative)

YGO purchase of $115 plus *           2 points (Only available once per day, not cumulative)





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