Premium Comic Book Day

We’ve been asked at a major “comic convention” in 2017, why we didn’t bring all our back issues for sale there.

The answer was simple. If we took every single stall at the convention, we would not have enough room to display all our books.

Alternate Worlds has over half a million back issues available from the early 1900’s onwards. These not only include US comics, but also British and Australian publications (including Phantom). Although everything is cataloged and filed, we obviously can’t re-alphabetize and index well over 2000 comic boxes, every time we get “new” back issues. This has meant that it has been awkward to let customers see may comic runs. We have been working on this problem and have pulled selected premium comics (Golden age, Silver age, key issue, popular titles, etc), from our inventory to create an easily accessible  premium stock inventory.

Twice per Year (usually on the on the 3rd-5th Saturday of the month), we will set up a back issue convention style stall in our store, where all these books will be on display and available for hands on examination and purchase. (All these items are available through our online store, but it is always nicer to see the actual item).

You can always ask to see any single book we have in stock at any convenient time, but the Comic Access Days are the only time you can see this large range on display!

We have dedicated sections for:

Archie Books (including Archie Horror section)

Atlas Books

Australian Comic Books

Australian Comic Magazines

Australian Women’s Mirror (1940’s Sunday Phantom)


Classics Illustrated



Digests (US)

Disney’s (Australian and US editions)

EC Comics

Gold Key

Golden Age (Not normally on display)


Heavy Metal Magazines


Horror (Inc. DC/Marvel)

Holographic cover Books

King Comics

Magazine Comic Books (Inc. Marvel)

Marvel Australian Price Variants

Phantom (US and Australian publications)

Romance (Inc. DC/Marvel)

Signed Books (most with COA)

Silver Age (Not normally on display) and Premium Books

Treasury Editions (Australian and UK)

Treasury Editions (US)

UK Magazines (inc. Transformers UK)

War (Inc. DC/Marvel)

Western (Inc. DC/Marvel)

Undergrounds (Comic and Magazine Sections)

Variant Cover Comics

Warren Magazines

New sections added for:

UK Digests

The Premium Comic Collection selection is constantly expanding as we process more collections throughout the year.

The Premium Comic Stall Dates for 2021 are listed below, but the dates may change due to various conflicting circumstances as the year progresses, so please confirm the date closer to the actual event time.

Premium Stall Dates for 2021 on Saturday (Subject to change, please check regularly):

January 23rd



April 17th (Local Comic Creator Day – Report details )


June (TBA)




October (Local Comic Creator Day II) TBA



December (TBA)

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