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Archival comic storage box (New Design)

This archival box is made from one sheet of board, without glue or any other type of adhesive required. (The unassembled box is 1095 mm X 1025 mm, when flat).

The box has multiple flaps that interlock forming a totally sealed environment for the contents.

Once assembled it has a number of unique features. The small end upright sections are three sheet thick wide sheeting providing extra strength for multiple stacking.

The internal base has a double thick sheet providing extra strength.

In addition, all interior box walls are 100% flat; there are no protruding components that could damage the contents.

The box also features an interlocking base, which when assembled remains flat and is seamless.

The box design also incorporates 4 separate panels that can be used as spacers within the box.

Manufactured by Alternate Worlds in Australia.

Video to Archival Comic Box Assemble: click here

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Video of completed Archival Comic Box: click here

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