We do trade for Hero Clix figures. Do not send unsolicited material. Please inquire for more information.

If you have any specific wants, Let Us Know and we will try to get it for you.

Discounts available for Bricks and cases.

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Card Game/Miniature Game Boxes, Starters & Boosters

Number NosNewer ReleasesRRPOur Price
52863HeroClix Marvel Days of Future Past Pack (inc. Sentinal, Colonel Logan and Phoenix)$49.95$44.95
52808Hero Clix Marvel Supernova$12.95$10.95
5280812Hero Clix Marvel Supernova (Brix)$115.00$155.40
52808HeroClix DC Origins$12.95$10.95
54545Heroclix Marvel Avengers$13.95$12.50
5454510Heroclix Marvel Avengers (Brix)$105.00$139.50
56287Heroclix DC Justice League$13.95$12.50
5628710Heroclix DC Justice League (Brix)$105.00$139.50
54546Heroclix DC Starter Legion of Superheroes$36.95$32.95
4647413Heroclix Map: Marvel Outdoor Rooftops$6.95$ 6 .95
4647414Heroclix/Horrorclix Map: Gencon Castle Ruins & Carnival$19.95$19 .95
4647415Heroclix Map: DC Justice League Indoor Bank$6.95$ 6 .95
11898HeroClix: Dark Phoenix Convention Exclusive$149.95$149.95
18688HeroClix: Galactus Convention Exclusive$399.95$350.00
56284HeroClix: Fin Fang Foom Convention Exclusive$399.95$350.00
146302HeroClix: DC Green Lantern Corps (7)$99.95$99.95
146303HeroClix: Indy Invincibles Set (7)$99.95$99.95
146304HeroClix: Marvel 2099 Set (7)$99.95$99.95
146305HeroClix: Indy Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.$99.95$99.95
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